In addition to the myriad of other garage door services we offer, we also repair garage door springs. Sometimes, if you don’t have the funds or really like your garage door and don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing and having another one installed it’s easier to replace the springs in the garage door, if that’s what needs to be done. If your garage door is broken and it’s only the springs that need to be fixed, consider having the springs repaired instead of investing money into installing a new one. If you want to have a new garage door installed, contact us.

Garage door springs are imperative to ensure that your garage door works correctly. Without properly working garage door springs, your garage door won’t work. Basically, the garage door springs counteract the force of the door, which means if your garage door springs don’t work, gravity will work its magic and the garage door will be impossible to open.


Our Garage Door Spring Services

There are two types of garage door springs and we’re able to fix both of them. There are torsion springs, which are usually directly above the door. Torsion springs help to balance out the pressure of the door and ensure that you’re able to open and close your door with ease. Extension springs, which are the other type of spring in garage doors are usually above the garage door tracks, or vertically on the sides. When your garage door is properly balanced out, it is easy to lift by hand, which is why springs are important. For instance, if your garage door becomes stuck the spring will be able to help you lift it and ensure security.

Our garage door spring repair service is able to fix every kind of spring in your garage door. Sometimes, it’s easier to repair a broken spring in a garage door rather than install a whole new one. If you’re facing garage door spring problems, contact us and we’ll come out and repair your springs for an affordable price.

Why Choose Pro Garage Services?

Garage door springs break often, which is why we are here to assist you. It can be a hassle to try and get a technician out to help repair your garage door springs, except with us. Our technicians are timely, dedicated, and ready to repair your springs efficiently. Don’t sit and wait around all day wondering when the technician will arrive. When you choose Pro Garage Services we’re able to send out a technician 24/7 no matter the day or time. Our technicians will show up with a positive attitude, a smile, and at the correct time that was set up. If you come home from a long night at work at 4am and your garage door breaks, don’t worry, we’ll come out to you. If you come home at 6pm and your garage door springs loosen and you can’t open your garage, we’ll come out to you. Our job is to make your life a little easier by providing reliable garage door services. If you’re looking for a genuine garage door service company, then you’ve found us. We cater to the Greater Phoenix area as well!

For all of your garage door service needs, contact us.