Are you searching to install a new garage door opener?

We carry the best in the business when it comes to garage door openers and other garage door services. If you need an installation or a repair, contact us. Installing garage door openers differs from installing a garage door because of the level of time and tools that are needed, both services we offer for a great price. The leading garage door opener is Liftmaster Professional, which is a reliable brand due to the durability, power, and the easy use. If you’re considering installing a new garage door opener, pick a reliable company, like us, that will install your garage door opener with ease and efficiency.

Our Garage Door Opener Installation Service

We offer many different kinds of garage door openers, but the best one to go with, which is also the leading garage door opener, is the Liftmaster Professional. We mostly install Liftmaster because of their reliability, however, our main priority when it comes to garage door opener installation it to ensure your needs are met. We are different than other companies that provide garage door opener services. We remain staunch in our number one priority: you.


What are your needs when it comes to a garage door opener?

  • Do you want a chain-drive opener?
  • Do you want a belt-driven opener?
  • Do you want a screw-driven opener?
  • Do you want remotes and lighting in your garage?
  • Does cost matter when it comes to installing your garage door opener?

All of these questions are important when you are shopping for the best garage door opener for you and your family’s home or your business. We provide a variety of garage door openers, however, we recommend the Liftmaster because it is the leading brand of garage door openers. We’re also able to install lighting and remotes for your safety and to make your life a little easier. If cost matters, our garage door services are affordable. When we ask: what are you needs when it comes to a garage door opener. We mean it.


Why Choose Pro Garage Services?

Pro Garage Services can offer something other garage door companies are unable to. We have superb customer service. When we show up at your home our technicians do so in a timely fashion, with an enthusiastic attitude, and a smile gracing their features. We offer 24/7 services so no matter what time you want us to come out we can do so. In conjunction, we also offer 24/7 maintenance. No matter what time you need our assistance we can come to you, with no additional fee. Lastly, we ensure that our garage door opener installations are safe and work correctly. We don’t install a garage door opener and leave. We clean up any debris that we may have created and we test out the garage opener we installed. There is no struggling with us, we’re 100 percent committed to you and what you need when it comes to garage doors. To learn more about our garage door services or to begin the process of installing a garage door opener in your home, call

(480) 593-0044.