• Have you recently considered having a garage screen door installed in your home?
  • Do you want more space to spread out in your home, but don’t have the funds to do any reconstructing on your home?
  • Do you want a porch to enjoy, but can’t have one installed because of finances?
  • Do you want another room in your home, that’s open and one to call your own?

If these questions describe you, then you might want to consider having a garage door installed in your home. If you have never even considered having a garage screen door installed, then we’ll also open your eyes to the many benefits of having a garage screen door in your home and the possibilities it allows you. At Pro Garage Services, we make it our job to deliver garage screen door services that make your life easier. In addition to installing garage screen doors, we also repair garage door springs, install new garage door openers, and install new garage doors. If you’re interested in procuring a screen door for your garage set up an appointment by contacting us.

Three Benefits Of Installing A Garage Screen Door In Your Home

To give you a good idea of what a garage screen door can do for your home we compiled three benefits you would be able to take advantage of if you install a screen door in your home. We wanted to paint you a picture of why a screen door is beneficial and how it can make your life better. If you’ve ever wondered about having a screen door installed, these benefits will be able to sway you in making an executive decision. Check out our garage screen door installation service to fully grasp what the service entails. For any more questions call,(866) 216-2827.

Benefit One: Additional Room

Are you tired of squeezing family events in your tiny living room? Are you tired of cramming books into an already stuffed bookshelf? Are you wanting a man cave or a craft room to call your own? Are you tired of having too much stuff jammed in every nook and cranny? When you install a garage screen door you’re not only giving yourself a screen in your garage, you’re also making an additional room. Have you ever wanted an additional room, but don’t want to spend the money on renovations? Installing a garage screen door will cut down on costs and it will give you the opportunity of creating a new room that you can use any way you want it. What kind of room have you always wanted? Have you wanted a man cave, art room, a library, extra storage space, a game room, a smoking room, or just an additional guest room? When you put a screen door in your garage you’re creating any type of room you’ve always wanted for only a small percentage of the price. When you have a garage door screen installed with us, you also can take advantage of our great prices and the coupons that are accessible to you.

Benefit Two: A Closed Off Porch

Have you wanted a porch, but can’t afford the construction process? In addition to being able to create an additional room in your home, you can also create a closed off porch. With a closed off porch, you’re able to watch the goings-on in the neighborhood and enjoy the great outdoors without actually having to be outside. It gets hot in Arizona and with a screen garage door you’re able to enjoy and watch what’s going on outside, but also stay cool and relaxed in your garage. A closed off porch is a great way to enjoy summer and spring time meals without all of the bugs and animals getting in the way as well. If you enjoy the great outdoors, but don’t like to eat with swarming bugs and blistering heat, a screened in porch is your answer.

Benefit Three: Save Money And The Environment

Do you cringe every time you get your energy bill? Do you hate spending copious amounts of money on energy bills? A garage door screen might be your answer. In addition to having an additional room and a closed off porch, you’re also able to save money and the environment. Since garage screen doors are not electric and are manual you’ll be able to save on your energy bills. Furthermore, with the added airflow from the garage screen door you’re able to save on heating and cooling costs during any time of the year. Both of these attributes will be able to help you save on your energy and heating and cooling bills and help diminish your carbon footprint.

Learn more about our garage screen door installation service or contact us to set up an appointment to install a screen door in your garage.