Do you know the signs for when it’s time to replace your garage door? Is your garage door already broken and you need access to superb garage door services for a great price? Are you tired of dealing with a garage door that’s on its last leg? At Pro Garage Services, we’re able to help you repair your garage door or replace it, depending on what it needs. If your garage needs a spring replacement or weather strips, we’ll make sure to replace them properly and ensure it works once we’re finished with the repairs. Pro Garage Services offers many garage door services that can help you have a sufficiently working garage door. We provide the installation of new garage doors, installation of new openers, and replace garage door springs. If you aren’t sure what to look for when it comes to what your garage needs, then read our blog to learn about the many signs your garage could be trying to ‘tell’ you. For all of your garage door service needs, take the time to call (866) 216-2827 to set up an appointment for us to come check out your garage.

Three Signs To Look For In Your Garage Door

If you don’t know what to look for in a garage door, then take the time to read through these three signs. It can be difficult to know what your garage door needs, but with these helpful signs you’ll be able to figure out the best solution to what your garage door needs. If you find that your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced, make sure to contact Pro Garage Services so we’re able to come out at your convenience. With garage door services that are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, you should never be without a perfectly working garage door.

Sign one: Broken Parts

When it comes to broken parts it can be a little confusing as to what parts can be replaced and what parts determine you need a new garage door. If you aren’t that technological savvy and don’t know what you should be looking for when it comes to broken parts, Pro Garage Services can come out and do a maintenance check on your garage door to see if everything is working properly. When you are looking in your garage door make sure to carefully inspect every inch of your garage door to determine what needs to be repaired and if there’s anything wrong with it. There are some parts that can be easily replaced. For instance, if you have broken springs in your garage door that need to be replaced, we can come at a convenient time for you to repair your springs in your garage door. If you have parts of your garage door that need to be repaired, sometimes it’s less expensive and better to have your garage door replaced. If the bottom area of your door is damaged, then it’s best if you replace it as well. Another sign that your broken parts are irreplaceable are splintered areas and broken edges of your garage door.

Sign Two: Shaking

Does your garage door shake? Has it been a long time since your garage door operated smoothly? If your door shakes, then it’s time to replace your garage door. When you open your garage door or when you close it, take a minute to see whether or not it shakes. If your garage door is shaking, then you need to begin shopping for a replacement for your garage door. Your garage door should never shake, instead it should operate smoothly. When it does begin to shake, even a little bit, then you should call Pro Garage Services and we’ll come out to you at a time that’s best for you to replace your garage door quickly and efficiently.

Sign Three: A Higher Utility Bill

Have you noticed that your utility bill is higher? Do you pay more than you’ve ever had to pay for your electric bill? If you are paying a higher electric bill, then it’s a sign that you need a new garage door. When your electric bill begins to climb in cost, then it’s a sure sign that it’s time to get a replacement garage door because your HVAC unit is working harder than it should. When your electric bill is higher it means that you have damaged insulation and your garage door has to worker harder to open and close. Before you call us, determine why exactly your utility bill is higher if it’s due to someone leaving the lights on or if you do have damaged installation. progarage1

For all of your garage door service needs, make sure to check out our garage door services. We also offer garage door screen installations so you’re able to create an entire new room in your home. To schedule an appointment with us, call (866) 216-2827.