In the Greater Phoenix area, you’re able to take advantage of a lot more than others around the country. Due to the warm weather and easy access, you can install a garage door screen and create another room out of your garage. These garage door screens are a new and very popular feature in homes all over Phoenix. More and more people are taking advantage of these garage door screens because of the airy, pest-free, and available space that allows you to have in your home. Most people use their garages to store their cars or to retain their items. When you invest in a garage door screen, you’re able to enjoy the outdoors, create more space in your home, and create a makeshift porch while enjoying air conditioning and a pest-free atmosphere. The possibilities are endless when you install a new garage screen door. Some of the rooms you can create with a garage door screen include the absolute man cave, a smoking den, a rec room, or a home gym, to name a few. Learn more about our garage door services and how our garage door company can provide your garage door screen needs.

Our Garage Door Screen Services

Are you looking to have another room in your home but can’t afford to do renovations on it? If so, installing a garage door screen is the best option for you. Our garage door services are affordable, and we provide coupons for our services. If you decide to install a garage door screen, you are picking an option that will provide you with more room in your home at a low price.

The possibilities are endless with a garage door screen. Our newest garage door service is our garage screen door service, which has been very popular because of all the ways a garage can be transformed into different kinds of rooms. This service includes a technician coming to your home and installing a sliding door type garage screen door. The screen doors are made from aluminum and glass and will rise and fall effortlessly. The garage door springs are fully loaded and are able to offer counterbalance system so the movement of the garage screen door is as easy as possible.We have a few options for what kind of garage screen door to install in your home. To find out more about our garage door screens, contact us.

Why Choose Pro Garage Services?

When you choose Pro Garage Services, you are making a commitment to a garage door company that has your best interests in mind. Our technicians have you in mind, so we won’t make you wait around for our technicians to arrive. We are also reasonably priced and offer a variety of services that will ensure your garage door needs are met. When you choose us, our technicians will come out and meet you with a smile and with extensive knowledge on installing your garage door screen. Each of our technicians are reliable, timely, and respectful of your home. They can answer any questions you may have about our services and are very knowledgeable in the field. When you make an appointment with one of our technicians, he or she will also be very timely when they arrive and will show up with a great attitude. We won’t make you wait, and we won’t waste your time. No matter what service you decide on, our technicians will patiently show you how your new garage door works when the installation process is finished.  

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